Upto 100 active interns

1000 per intern

Standard tasks

3-month validity of interns

Digital promotion

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Upto 250 active interns

800 per intern

Customized tasks

6-month validity of interns

Digital & on-campus promotion

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Upto 500 active interns

600 per intern

Customized tasks

12-month validity of interns

Digital & on-campus promotion

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

Are there any charges for managing the platform?

No, there are no such charges which have to be borne by you for managing the website or the UI of the platform.

Do I need to pay the interns?

The price package you choose covers all possible costs which you have to pay. No additional remuneration is provided to the interns from your end.

How do I make the Payment?

Payment is to be made either through NEFT or RTGS. No cash payment is accepted.

Is there any advance payment?

No, the price package chosen by you covers all costs to be borne. Therefore, no advance payment is necessary.

What are active users?

The term active users emphasises on the fact that at any given point of time, there are going to be interns (according to the package) who will be actively performing your tasks.

What is on-campus promotion?

On-campus promotion involves publicity of your brand inside the college premises. It includes brand merchandising and sampling. However, this feature is available on 'upto 250' & 'upto 500' packages.

What are standard and customised tasks?

Standard tasks are tasks which are set keeping in mind generic marketing activities, whereas customised tasks are marketing activities personalised to suit the your needs.

What do you mean by validity of interns?

The interns you select will perform for a finite amount of time. Once you exhaust the time allotted based on your package, you will not receive any further interns or reimbursement of any manner.

What is digital promotion?

A number of tasks are executed over social media for the purpose of promoting the brand online. Interns use handles like Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc, to push your brand, digitally.