Who we are

In a nutshell, we are a tech-friendly medium bridging the gap between brands and students. Successfully eliminating the manual aspect of hiring ambassadors, we make your life a little easier. Now, you can delegate tasks and supervise your interns, virtually. And, the best part: this procedure can be repeated innumerously, saving the time and effort required to redesign a campaign.

For brands

Provides brands with an e-way to manage their batch of campus ambassadors, in an effortless way.

For students

Provides interns with in-depth knowledge, flexible timings, guidance, feedback and certification.


What can Student Ambassadors do?

The skill set possesed by an ambassador serves as a launching pad for your campaign. Their expertise in social media, content creation, etc, provide you with the push required to surpass your goals.

On-Campus Promotion
The ambasadors utilize their skill to perform various marketing activities, with the intent of making the brand go viral. Their influence is a boon for any brand focusing on promotion.
Word of Mouth
By the students. For the students.
Word of Mouth marketing serves as the most ideal tool for communication as it ensures the target market receive the message.
Content Marketing
Leveraging the conecpt of content creation, ambassadors come up with unique and out of the box campaigns. Strategized to attract eyeballs, such campaigns etch deep into the mind of the viewer.
Social Buzz
Your busy bees leave no stone unturned to make your brand go viral. Using social media as ammunition and influence as artillery, their message reaches thousands within seconds.

What does the InternApp do for a brand?

The internApp is a solution to all brands as it provides them a medium to reduce the pre-existing workload. We make a difference in the following ways:


Having a database of 1000+ colleges, hiring your ideal batch of interns becomes effortless. Automated Written and Telephonic assignments aid in scaling the selection process and finding a perfect fit for your brand.


Via the internApp, you need not construct the work (tasks) you delegate from scratch. Based on your preferences, we’ve curated a list of tasks which allows you to save the time spent otherwise! Also, monitoring interns virtually becomes hassle-free.


The "Leaderboard" keeps a check on healthy competition and incentivizes them to work harder. The “Alumni”, “Mentorship” and “Journey” sections help the intern to reach our Alumni and Experts, and take inspiration by viewing featured testimonials!


Aiding in quantifying your impact, you can add more and more interns to reach your ROI. Execute your campaigns on a repetitive basis, saving the process of re-designing. The internapp offers you a chance to scale your student ambassador program.

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What do people have to say?

Wonder how this has worked across brands and students ? Check what they have to say.

The InternApp scaled our college outreach manifold PAN India. From manually managing a program in a city, we now have student ambassadors in 25+ Cities, promoting our brand successfully.

Nikhita Fatehpuria, Brand Manager

Being a new entrant to online commerce, the InternApp was the ideal platform for us to get popular among the college youth. We leveraged the college network to create word-of-mouth buzz which propelled our popularity within days.

Radhika Gupta, Lead Brand & Design
@Studio Radical

The thought of doing an internship via the intern app is unconventional. But I must say, this internship has taught me a lot about marketing. Also, the free mentorship session has helped me decide my career.

Radhika Agarwal, Student
@Shri Shikshayatan College

Being a newbie to marketing, the internship gave me the ultimate platform to learn and explore various marketing skills. So much so that I can actually think of making a career in this field.

Poorva Bajaj, Student
@Bhawanipore College

InternApp's seven-week digital marketing internship helped me to understand how different companies do digital marketing in real life. It was a really good experience.

Tanumoy Bar, Student
@IIT kharagpur